Inspired by our founder…

St. John Bosco, and following the Salesian charism, DBTC opens up opportunities for the underprivileged by providing scholarships to many TVET students, who can choose from any of the following 15-month courses: Electrical Installation, Machining, Refrigeration and Airconditioning, Mechatronics and Railway Technician. Through its network of over 20 training centers under the aegis of the One TVET, and the beneficence of industry-partners, DBTC is able to graduate over a hundred highly employable technicians every November.

We are currently accepting female and male applicants, all with no testing fees.

Established in 1971, the Don Bosco Mandaluyong TVET center was made primarily to assist the youth of various communities by offering technical vocational training in order to equip them with the skills requirements of the industry. In line with the mission of Don Bosco, the students undergo an intensive values formation program to form them into responsible members of their communities.

The TVET program, if Don Bosco were alive, would be the center-piece. It would be the activity closest to his heart, because it caters to the poorest, to those who have no capacity at all to send themselves to schooling. I think I should also consider this as the centerpiece of our Salesian life.
— Fr. Chito Dimaranan, SDB, Rector of Don Bosco Mandaluyong

What is TVET?

Honest work, no matter how menial, even getting one’s hands dirty, is dignified work. Our dream for our graduates is that they become at home with work, as work dignifies the human person. We are proud of our graduates, for what they’ve achieved, and how they’re scattered not just in the country, but around the world.

Our graduates in turn, are also grateful for what they’ve learned. Over the many years, our graduates have reached unprecedented heights, a good number of which are working abroad in countries such as Japan, Taiwan, the middle east, and so forth. What’s amazing is that even today, we are still greeted with surprise that a good number of them, even in the midst of their careers, consistently come back to thank us, to thank the Salesian congregation as a whole.

What touches us the most is when we learn that several years down the line, after their graduation, and even once they reach financial stability, they still live by the life lessons we’ve given them. Being able to mold individuals that were once aimless and incapable, towards a fruitful and meaningful life guided by virtues, is what motivates our instructors and lay-mission partners. This is what Don Bosco stands for, this is what we stand for, that is, we educate for life.

Ang buhay TVET para sa akin po ay masaya dahil ang mga tao dito ay responsable, magalang, matapat, at higit sa lahat, maka-Diyos
— Abdul Halim Abdulwahab, TVET Batch 2017

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