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Bosconian graduates are ready to serve the world.

The college department doesn’t just expose students with extensive hands-on experience in the fields of Engineering, Architecture, Computer Studies, along with strong collaboration with allied professions with industry leaders, but more importantly, our programs teach students the value of living in accord with faith, integrity, and synergy. We also develop our students with the goal of incorporating the value of technology with a soul.

We believe that both elements work hand-in-hand in order to produce excellent and responsible professionals. In all industries, companies, and organizations, and in any technical field, our graduates are out there, doing their ordinary duties extraordinarily well.

In Don Bosco Technical College, the concept of family spirit is alive and present. The morale of students are high because the professors are supportive and approachable. We join them not only through their academic journey such as architectural designs and circuit design, but also during their extracurricular activities like sports, community extension, arts, and music, just to name a few.

In line with St. John Bosco’s mission, we work towards total human development by providing an academically vigorous and innovative environment that forms the young to be qualified and competent workers, entrepreneurs and professionals who embody the ideals of justice with charity and prosperity with integrity.

We are proud that our graduates have contributed a great amount to the success of the workforce, the economy, and the country.


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