The first five years are undoubtedly some of the most critical years in a child’s development. At this age, the child must be taught some of the most fundamental lessons in life, some of which are being taught the varying degrees of what is right and wrong. The child must also be nurtured and equipped with the necessary skills and values in order to be ready for future studies. We see it as essential for the child to be able to read and write, develop physically, socially, and intellectually, and integrate values in their everyday actions so that they will be ready for school.

Because of the growing disruption in the field of technology that’s followed by the ever-widening gap in our societal values, Don Bosco believes that our new offering of a kindergarten program, equipped with an integral value-based education, and backed by the Salesian preventive system, is the best way to prepare the learner for the twenty-first century.