Grade School

The Grade School program develops the information literacy and lifelong learning skills of the students in order for them to initiate the competencies needed in the Information and Technology Age, and to eventually become servant-leaders, empowered and responsible for themselves and others in the same charism permeated by our founder, St. John Bosco.

Faithful to Don Bosco’s unique style of forming and educating the young, we see to it that our students study, work, play, meet friends and pray in a community that educates by evangelizing and evangelizes by educating.

The program also instills the value of academic performance by providing an extensive academic support program to its students enabling them to meet the content and performance standard necessary for their grade level.

In our constant drive towards improvement, our community considered the importance of:

  • A consistent curriculum in the early years of learning, particularly in language and reading comprehension;

  • Quality learning in the early years as achievements and disposition in the higher levels are inevitably traced to it;

  • Early character formation through the explicit academic curriculum and the implicit curriculum of the 4 Rs: responsibility, respect, resourcefulness, and responsiveness;

  • Intervention in a media-mediated world of early childhood, particularly since sex, consumerism, and violence already pervade the world of the very young.

  • Intervention early on in family life before youthful aberrations could set in.

❓ Course Requirements

  1. For admission to Grade One, the applicant must have the following qualifications:
    • Must be at least 6 years old
    • Must have completed Kindergarten
    • Must have a satisfactory grade in conduct and academic work in the preparatory course
    • Successfully passed the qualifying examination
    • Satisfactorily passed the personal interview
  2. For admission of a foreigner applicant, the following should be submitted:
    • Alien certificate of registration
    • Study permit from the DepEd
    • Year-level placement by the Registrar

📖 Learning Objectives

Provide curricular programs designed to provide learners with academic and technical competencies; which are grounded on the school’s core values; and which will enable them to pursue further studies in the technical field or be eligible for employment

🌎 Learner Outcomes

  1. Show creativity in solving problems and in applying knowledge and skills to new situations
  2. Cooperate and work harmoniously with others for the common good
  3. Use his technical and entrepreneurial skills to uplift the socio-economic conditions of the community