At a young age, it is necessary that one receives the best quality of education and formation they could possibly get. An education that not only grants what is required in order to be deemed academically proficient, but an education that puts emphasis on discipline, morals, values, lifelong learning, and the holistic development of the individual.

Don Bosco Mandaluyong’s Basic Education Department realizes the importance of an individuals’ adolescent years to their overall human formation. Since its establishment in 1953, the Basic Education Department has continued to develop the young in the pedagogy of St. John Bosco. That is, to mold them to be holistic, lifelong learners, equipped with the necessary knowledge and skills to face the twenty-first century.

We also see to it that our students study, work, play, meet friends and pray in a community that educates by evangelizing and evangelizes by educating. We do this by faithfully executing Don Bosco’s motto of “Run, jump, make noise, but do not sin” through an environment wherein our students are not only allowed but actively encouraged to commune with one another, to play sports during their breaks, to actively participate in an environment brimming with co-curricular activities, to go out and pursue their interests, all with the participation of our faculty, priests, and lay mission partners.

We are also the first to innovate and one of the only schools to employ a unique dual academic-and-technical curriculum in the Philippines. Our technical programs not only enhance our students skills and knowledge in the fields of drafting, mechanics, programming, and electronics, but also encourage them to apply what they’ve learned in their daily lives. This, coupled with the fact of Don Bosco’s unique emphasis on character formation from a young age, has led to our graduates being well-renowned in the industry for their capacity to adapt and excel in their own fields, while retaining that signature Bosconian identity of remaining humble and morally grounded in whatever they do.

We believe in the power and potential of the youth, which has always been at the center of Don Bosco's lifelong dream.

Take a glimpse of the High School Department

Take a glimpse of the High School Department