Junior High School

The Junior High School Department provides secondary level education based on the requirements of the Department of Education in an environment that is distinctly Salesian. The department delivers a double curriculum – Academic, covering subject areas in a college preparatory high school, as well as a Technical curriculum, with specializations in Electronics, Electricity, Mechanics, Computer Technology and Industrial Drafting. There is also a Science and Information Technology Section which will give the students in the section an advanced background in the field of physical sciences, as a response to the demands of today’s phase of modernization.

Dual Academic-Technical Curriculum

From the very beginning, Don Bosco has offered a unique dual curriculum that prepares young people not only in academics but also in technical related courses. Graduates of Don Bosco schools have been known for their practical and theoretical technical know-how and have been the best proofs of the quality training Don Bosco offers its students.

We are also the first to innovate and one of the only schools to employ a unique dual academic-and-technical curriculum in the Philippines. Our technical programs not only enhance our students skills and knowledge in the fields of drafting, mechanics, programming, and electronics, but also encourage them to apply what they’ve learned in their daily lives. This, coupled with the fact of Don Bosco’s unique emphasis on character formation from a young age, has led to our graduates being well-renowned in the industry for their capacity to adapt and excel in their own fields, while retaining that signature Bosconian identity of remaining humble and morally grounded in whatever they do.

❓ Admission Requirements

  1. For admission to Grade 7, the applicant must have the following qualifications:
    • Must have the Learning Reference Number (LRN) from Grade 1
    • Must have completed Grade 6
    • Must have a satisfactory grade in conduct (85 and above) and academics (80 and above) in the preparatory course
    • Successfully passed the qualifying examination
    • Satisfactorily passed the personal interview
  2. For admission of a foreigner applicant, the following should be submitted:
    • Alien certificate of registration
    • Study permit from the DepEd
    • Year-level placement by the Registrar

🌎 Learner Outcomes

  1. Produce community based social development projects through effective collaboration and display of Salesian spirituality.
  2. Create innovations that address technical, scientific and business related problems within acceptable ethical and legal standards.
  3. Conduct symposia, demonstrations and immersions to spread environmental awareness to his fellow students.
  4. Come up with an action research to address relevant concerns such as environmental issues.

📖 Learning Objectives

  1. Proficiently perform advanced technical operations in the field of Mechanical, Electro-Electrical and Computer Information Technology sufficient for acquiring National Certification I.
  2. Effectively communicate using verbal and non-verbal forms in academic and social settings.
  3. Effectively identify needed information, locate, evaluate the sources, synthesize, use and communicate information.
  4. Independently seek knowledge and establish collaboration for holistic growth and development.
  5. Promote ways in the preservation of the Filipino heritage and consistently practice the Filipino values.

⚙ Technical Program

During the Exploratory Level (Grades 7 and 8), the students obtain basic knowledge and skills in the following fields:

  • Mechanical Technology focuses on basic metalworking through benchwork and drill press operation.
  • Electro-Electrical Technology focuses on basic electrical and electronics circuit assembly through soldering skills
  • Computer and Information Technology focuses on basic programming and web design
  • Drafting Technology focuses on preparing basic technical drawings such as orthographic projections and isometric drawings

During the Specialization Level (Grade 9 and 10), the student is given the choice to choose between which among the different fields will they be specializing:

  • Mechanical Technology focuses on metalworking and assembly through benchwork and machine tools operation (drill press, grinder, lathe machine).
  • Electronics Technology focuses on electronics products assembly and circuit design
  • Industrial Electricity Technology focuses on residential electrical installation and maintenance and basic motor controls.
  • Computer and Information Technology focuses on computer hardware servicing, basic networking, and software and game development.
  • Computer Aided Design (Present in all specializations) focuses on preparing 2D technical drawings and 3D solid modeling and rendering.