The core focus of the pastoral office is to form young men and women to become responsible members of society, guided in the pedagogy of St. John Bosco.

The Institutional Pastoral Office becomes one way of concretizing our giving prime importance to the Christian and Salesian formation not only of the young but of our lay partners as well.  It tries to translate in the here and now Don Bosco’s Da mihi animas, cetera tolle.

The objectives of the Institutional Pastoral Office are to:

  1. Strengthen pastoral programs (planning, implementation, evaluation) institutionally and departmentally.

  2. Put special focus on the formation of our lay staff.

  3. Coordinate the departmental pastoral offices.

  4. Combine efforts especially in animating common activities and goals.

The mission of the Pastoral Office is a sharing in that of the Church, which brings about the saving design of God, the coming of His Kingdom, by bringing to men the message of the Gospel, which is closely tied in with the development of the temporal order.

We educate and evangelize according to a plan for the total well-being of man directed to Christ, the perfect Man.

Faithful to the intentions of our Founder, our purpose is to form upright citizens and good Christians.
— From the Salesian Constitutions, Article 31

Vision Mission of the Pastoral Affairs Team of the Don Bosco Schools of the Philippine North Province

Inspired by Mary, Help of Christians, We, the Pastoral Affairs Team of the Don Bosco Schools, envision ourselves as faith formations, rooted in the teachings and values of Jesus Christ and the Church.

In the spirit of dynamism and competence,  Integral faith development of our young students by providing them systematic understanding of the truth of faith, leading them to an appreciation of sacramental and liturgical celebrations, promoting in them social consciousness and involvement thereby, forming them servant leaders, animators of the Church, and agents of social transformation, through evangelization and education, collaborating among the EPC Members, applying the Preventive System, fostering volunteerism, creating an environment permeated by pastoral charity and implementing the pastoral project.