Museo di Don Bosco

“Run, jump, make noise, but do not sin” - Don bosco

Our heritage is something we greatly take pride in. Don Bosco Mandaluyong, its campus, and its students, have led monumental change in the country and society. With this, it is only fitting that we immortalize some of the best works Bosconians have done in the past. We also value the hallowed grounds in which Don Bosco stands today. This is why the newly inaugurated Museo di Don Bosco was built.

Since 1953, caring for the Youth has always been the focus of all efforts undertaken in Don Bosco Technical College (DBTC) through the academic and technical programs it offers for K-12, College, and TVET.  Many of DBTC’s graduates are now highly placed in successful establishments and industries, and more alumni and alumnae are bound to be esteemed for their contributions in their respective careers. Of this cadre is Joey Velasco who has made a name for himself in the art scene over the past years.  Even though he has passed on, his memory and masterpieces still attract enthusiasts and everyone passionate about the very same things he spent his life championing and supporting - the plight of the poor Filipino youth.

We are proud to showcase artifacts, art pieces, and other significant memorabilia of the Salesian presence, not just here in Mandaluyong, but in the Philippines as well. All of this is situated in a building that properly emphasizes the importance of our history and culture, that is the


The Joey Velasco Documentary

Joey Velasco is a nationally-recognized painter and a Bosconian, he is best known for his various religious paintings, especially his work depicting the last supper in the face of poverty.