“Run, jump, make noise, but do not sin” - Don bosco

From our humble beginnings as a shoe and tailoring shop, to our development as a well-recognized institution nationwide and abroad, Don Bosco, through the aid of Mary Help of Christians, has always made sure that her students are well provided for, not just through material means, but in life skills as well.

We are committed to making sure that our students are raised up in an environment where they can “Run, jump, and make noise” for as long they do not sin. We fulfill this commitment by making sure that there are always open spaces such as the Gesu Adolescente Gymnasium, the football field and the St. Dominic Savio Quadrangle to play sports during break. We ensure the highest quality of labs we can provide in order to facilitate learning and innovation in the field of sciences and computing. We also encourage our students to pursue their passion through our studios that ignite love for the arts, and our most invaluable asset: we make sure that our educators, priests, and lay-mission partners are always there to guide our students not only academically, but through their life experiences as well.


audio-visual room

One can no longer disregard the value of digital media in the modern world. As a technical school, Don Bosco Mandaluyong sees to it that her students are never left behind in the field of technology. We see to it that our students are provided the best tools required in order for them to gain an edge in the ever evolving field of multimedia. Whether that be videography, audio design, post production, or anything in between.

Our newly renovated audio-visual room comes equipped with industry-leading software such as those of Avid’s Pro Tools and Adobe’s Creative Cloud. The room is also used as a recording studio and a mini-theater. The room was also recently featured in Don Bosco Mandaluyong’s refreshed take of the national anthem.


Football Field

Don Bosco always had a youthful character, and because of that, he wanted to immerse himself with his kids and be involved with them as much as possible. One way he was able to truly connect with his kids was through playing sports with them.

We believe that Salesians, Educators, and Lay Mission Partners alike should be able to immerse with students in the same fundamental way that Don Bosco did with his own. This is why in Don Bosco, sports is imbued in our DNA. We take pride in cultivating an environment that encourages not only competition and sportsmanship, but also meaningful, out-of-class interactions with students and teachers.

During most of the day, students are allowed, and even encouraged, to play sports such as football and ultimate frisbee at our field. This is what sets Don Bosco apart, plus the fact that even Salesian priests and educators are ever-present and roaming around the campus, immersing with students, playing sports with them, and always hearing them out.

At Don Bosco, we know that life happens beyond the four corners of the classroom, and that is why we make sure that we establish a healthy environment wherein teachers, Salesians, and students alike, are able to immerse and make meaningful interactions with one another both inside and outside of the classroom.


Swimming poolS

While we give importance to both academic and technical subjects, we never fail to include the holistic growth that is required of our students, that which includes physical education. Through this, Don Bosco Mandaluyong offers two swimming pools, one three-foot and one ten-foot pool that can cater to both amateurs up to more experienced swimmers.



”Give me souls, take away the rest” is one of Don Bosco’s staple mottos. The underlying message of the motto exemplifies the value of the human soul, one which is to be regarded as more valuable than any material thing. Don Bosco’s main objective is to save souls, with the youth in particular.

In line with Don Bosco’s motto to save souls, Don Bosco Mandaluyong is home to two chapels; namely, the St. John Bosco and Mary Help of Christians Chapels. Both of these prominently feature the blessed sacrament and the image of Jesus. Both are open to all Bosconians who are in need of time to pray and reflect.

We take pride in knowing that a good number our students regularly visit the blessed sacrament.



A conducive, silent workplace, where Bosconians are encouraged to do their research and studies.


Mary Help of Christians Quadrangle

One of the most iconic places in DBTC. The Mary Help of Christians Quadrangle serves as one of the best places in the campus to hold events and play light sports and games.


Senior High School Classrooms

Built on the foundations of the ITC or grade school building, the Senior High School building and its classrooms stand as a symbol of the institution’s embrace of the changing times. Featuring group-oriented working tables, new flatscreen TV’s with Chromecasts, and two-tone classroom lighting, the new rooms are more than suited for the students of today and tomorrow.

Campus-wide wi-fi

To be ahead in the twenty-first century demands a reliable and redundant network infrastructure. Not only does this enable students and teachers to do work outside of the classroom, but also to venture out and discover new opportunities that are available across the internet.