Bachelor of Science in Entrepreneurship (BS Entrepreneurship)

The Bachelor of Science in Entrepreneurship program is designed to provide a strong foundation to students on the theories and concepts of marketing, management and finance, accounting, and information technology. The program seeks to produce graduates who are competent, knowledgeable and motivated in identifying business opportunities, preparing business plans and starting a business.

B.S entrepreneur is a four (4) year course, with three (3) years in academic subject and one (1) year in business implementation.


❓ Course Requirements

  • Pass the Entrance Test for Engineering & Architecture
  • At least a grade of 80 in Science and Math subjects in the final grades in Grades 11 & 12.
  • Pass the interview conducted by the Dean or by the enrolment committee.
  • Take the bridging program for tracks beyond STEM.

📖 Learning Objectives

The Entrepreneurship Program of Don Bosco Technical College implements Don Bosco's mission of helping the young to:

  1. Develop Core skills for identifying business opportunities.
  2. Teach students in developing a start up business with or without capital.
  3. Make a business using skills.
  4. Introduce students to the use of System, Application and Products (SAP) a computer software used in many business establishments today.
  5. Innovate their own unique business models.
  6. Learn pricing strategies needed in any business;
  7. Be holistically developed servant leaders and Bosconian Entrepreneurs.
  8. Be acquainted in different technopreneurship programs.

🌎 Learner Outcomes

After taking Don Bosco's Entrepreneurship program, the student is now able to apply the following:

  1. Business planning
  2. Strategic management planning
  3. Integrated marketing commnunications
  4. Accounting
  5. Franchising
  6. Business Finance
  7. Labor law
  8. Business communications
  9. Principles of management
  10. Microeconomics
  11. Macroeconomics
  12. HR Management
  13. Administrative professionalism
  14. Operations research
  15. Project management planning
  16. Business seminar hosting

The student will also be able to tackle theology, human psychology, and philosophy.