Bachelor of Science in Computer Science (BS CS)

This program provides students with technical knowledge and skills necessary for specifying, evaluating, and managing computer systems. The program focuses on computer organization, software, and mathematics, together with electives that enhance efficiency in the usage of computer applications. Through data processing, embedded systems, appropriate hardware, software, and firmware, technical guidance and mastery are achieved.

❓ Course Requirements

  1. Pass the Entrance Test for Engineering & Architecture
  2. At least a grade of 80 in Science and Math subjects in the final grades in Grades 11 & 12.
  3. Pass the interview conducted by the Dean or by the enrolment committee.
  4. Take the bridging program for tracks beyond STEM.

🌎 Learner Outcomes

After undergoing the educational program of Don Bosco Technical College, the computer science graduate will:

  1. Apply the knowledge in computing systems to solve real world problems or to improve a system of its functionality, usability and performance.
  2. Visualize, understand and apply quick solutions to both highly complex or uncomplicated problems.
  3. Effectively communicate ideas, or solutions, mathematical or scientific in nature, to a broad range of audience and has the ability to work in teams.
  4. Distinguish the interplay of social, legal, ethical issues, technical problems, and aesthetic values that play an important part in the development of computing systems
  5. Pursue further studies, and advancements in the computing field and values commitment to lifelong learning.

🔍 Program / Knowledge Domains

  • Computer Architecture, Systems, and Networking
  • Parallel / Distributed Computing
  • Software Algorithms and Programming Languages
  • Information Assurance and Security
  • Analytics and Machine Learning