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Don Bosco Mandaluyong Alumni Association Inc.

The Don Bosco Mandaluyong Alumni Association Inc. (DBMAAI) is the official alumni association of Don Bosco Technical College (DBTC). This nonprofit organization is directly tied with the World Confederation of Don Bosco’s Past Pupils and the Don Bosco Alumni Philippine National Federation (DBAPNF).

The Story of “Exallievi” begins in 1870 when Don Bosco was celebrating his feast day, and a group of his former students from Valdocco wanted to mark this special day by thanking him and presenting him with a coffee set as a gift. Due to the significance of this day, the Past Pupils celebrate their feast on the 24th June, as a way to remember their foundation.

In 1908, thanks to Blessed Philip Rinaldi, the World Confederation of the Past Pupils approved its first statute. The World Confederation of Past Pupils of Don Bosco is composed by Past Pupils (schools, oratories, youth centers, etc.) and friends of Don Bosco. “Exallievi”) are present all over the world and are the most numerous group of the Salesian Family.

The Past Pupils of Don Bosco are persons who because they attended an oratory, a school or another Salesian Presence, received a preparation for life, based on the principles of Don Bosco’s Preventive System: reason, religion and loving-kindness. Enriched by the Christian formation and Charisma of Don Bosco, we are witnesses in our daily life through our apostolic engagement based on the education received.
— World Confederation of the Past Pupils of Don Bosco

What is the meaning of "Praeit ac tuetur"? 

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This is the distinctive insignia found in Don Bosco Alumni Logo’s and also marked in our alumni pins which we give to our new graduates together with the Alumni IDs. 

"Praeit ac tuetur" is the motto of former Salesian pupils, which means "guide us and precedes", He goes before and protects us; although there who read it as "guides and defends." These words refer to Don Bosco, the Italian priest who in the nineteenth century in Turin capital of the Kingdom of Piedmont and the Italian Risorgimento and times of early industrialization would create the Society of St. Francis de Sales, known as Congregation Salesian or Salesians of Don Bosco.

The former Salesian pupils at St. John Bosco have a vital reference for he is the source and inspiration of the preventive system they have experienced in any educational bodies animated by the Salesians, whether formal (school) or informal (church, patio games, theater, oratories and youth centers, sport ...) that have frequented.

Former Salesian pupils are thousands and can be found worldwide. Not surprisingly the Salesians are present, developing his work for young people in over 130 countries.


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